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    • Hormel Foods products named 2015 Progressive Grocer Editors' Picks

      Progressive Grocer magazine recently named their 2015 Editors' Pick winners, focusing on taste, function and innovation. Over 500 individual food and nonfood products were entered for review and a total of eight Hormel Foods products earned this distinction, including:

      -Better for you Hormel® pepperoni products;

      -Hormel® bacon sprinkles;

      -Hormel® Black Label® bacon premium flavors;

      -Hormel® chili 100 percent natural;

      -Hormel® taco meats;

      -Jennie-O® turkey breast sticks;

      -Lloyd’s® sauceless competitive barbeque products; and

      -Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que® bacon and cheddar smoked sausage with Farmer John®bacon.

      “It is great to see the broad representation of Hormel Foods products in the Progressive Grocer Editors' Picks,” said Scott Aakre, vice president of corporate innovation and new product development. “This is one more indication that our innovation efforts are aligned with the needs of consumers and our retail customers.”

      Some products were honored as full lines, while others were recognized for individual varieties. Products came in from nearly every category, with snack foods most prevalent.

      “Our staff is truly nourished, not only by the food itself, but by the creativity and innovation that went into developing these many fine products,” said Jim Dudlicek, editor-in-chief, Progressive Grocer. “Our favorites among the winners delivered on the idea of providing solutions – making life easier for consumers through simpler preparation, value-added function or other qualities designed to take the hassle out of daily eating or home routine occasions. And, of course, good taste was a must.”

      Details about the recognized products and a full list of winners can be found here

      The Hormel Foods Corporation Charitable Trust Education Matching Gifts Program

      Download the new matching gifts form and conditions by clicking here. Read the back of the form carefully for the eligibility requirements for institutions and donations. Questions can be directed to Becci Smith in corporate communications at rjsmith@hormel.com or 507-437-5345.

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