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    • Hormel Foods recognized as one of the 2015 Best Companies for Leaders

      Chief Executive Magazine recently ranked Hormel Foods No. 15 on the 2015 Best Companies for Leaders list.

      Chief Executive Magazine seeks to identify companies that excel in leadership development. In partnership with Chally Group Worldwide, they rank companies based on a questionnaire and interviews about initiatives to identify and nurture employees three or more levels down from the CEO.

      The final top-40 ranking consists of public companies with more than $1 billion in revenue. Rankings are affected by a company’s reputation among its peers as a source for well-rounded talent. The percent of senior management recruited from internal talent pools is another criterion.

      Companies were scored on five key criteria including:

      1. Having a formal leadership process in place;
      2. The commitment level of the CEO to the leadership development program as measured by the percentage of time spent;
      3. The depth of the leadership funnel as measured by the percentage of senior management positions filled by internal candidates;
      4. The number of other companies that report recruiting from the company being evaluated; and
      5. A shareholder value performance metric based on 10-year growth or decline in market capitalization.

      This is the second time Hormel Foods has received recognition on this list. To learn more click here

      The Hormel Foods Corporation Charitable Trust Education Matching Gifts Program

      Download the new matching gifts form and conditions by clicking here. Read the back of the form carefully for the eligibility requirements for institutions and donations. Questions can be directed to Becci Smith in corporate communications at rjsmith@hormel.com or 507-437-5345.

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