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    • Stagg® brand launches natural chili line

      Responding to consumer interest for natural and better-for-you options, the Stagg® brand has launched two new chili varieties that are 100 percent natural.

      Stagg® 100 percent natural beef chili is available both with beans and without beans. Both varieties, in 15 ounce cans, are available at Kroger and Safeway stores on the West coast and at Costco clubs in the Los Angeles, Calif., and Texas markets with plans to expand distribution into the Midwest this fall.

      Stagg® natural chili is a high-quality, all beef chili that appeals to those consumers seeking a better-for-you alternative,” said Kellie Benning, product manager, Grocery Products. “Stagg® natural chili offers unique and bold flavors made with quality ingredients that deliver an exceptional and satisfying experience.”

      “Hormel Foods conducted a comprehensive convenience meal landscape study, which found that across consumer segments there is a growing desire to seek better-for-you products,” said Debbie Johnson, senior consumer insight analyst. “Two consumer segments, representing more than a quarter of all consumers, have strong affinities toward natural products like Stagg® natural chili.”

      “Our goal is to drive continuous consumption of chili by offering new products to stay relevant with our consumers,” Benning said. “Stagg® natural chili is a perfect fit to drive growth within our Stagg® brand portfolio.”

      Team members from R&D, consumer insights, quality control, purchasing, operations, marketing, corporate packaging, and at the Stockton (Calif.) Plant worked closely to produce these new products.

      The Stagg® brand was established in 1956 and added the Hormel Foods family of products in 1996. Stagg® natural chili is produced at the Stockton Plant. Stagg® chili retains the No. 2 market share in the western United States.

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