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    • The SPAMERICAN™ tour

      In recent years, chefs across America have sparked a trend of infusing their menu with both classic and creative fan-favorite entrees, featuring the iconic SPAM® brand.  On April 15th, the SPAM® brand is launching the SPAMERICAN™ tour.

      This coast-to-coast tour will kick off in Los Angeles, Calif., with Food Network chef Sunny Anderson unveiling a special menu, and will continue in a tour across the country with a food truck traveling to popular events. This tour will engage thousands of consumers by featuring local chefs, musicians and artists – all of whom share a love for SPAM® products.

      “We discovered love for the brand popping up all over the U.S., from diners in the midwest serving SPAM® and eggs, to trendy Manhattan hot spots featuring SPAM® musubi.” said Nicole Behne, marketing director, Grocery Products. “With the SPAMERICAN™ tour, we have set out to share these delicious SPAM® recipes with America and celebrate the chefs who serve them.”

      Following the kick off in Los Angeles, the tour will visit 13 cities across the country and end in Austin, Minn., at the Austin Artworks Festival in August. At each of the 13 stops, fans will enjoy a signature recipe from Sunny, alongside creations from local chefs, all while experiencing a taste of the brand’s fun-loving personality and learning about its history, versatility and cultural impact.

      “For many years now, I have been a fan of the SPAM® brand; its flavor and versatility lends itself to so many different cooking styles and recipes,” Anderson said. “The SPAMERICAN™ tour brings together such a unique curation of SPAM® dishes, and is a celebration of the iconic taste that Americans and chefs, like myself, have grown to love.”

      In addition to featuring the signature chef created SPAM® dishes, the food truck will featureSPAM® recipes, SPAM® posters inspired by the brand’s pop culture influence and music played with instruments made out of SPAM® cans.

      The tour will also involve partnering with retail partners in the cities to engage with new and existing consumers.

      For the up-to-the-minute SPAMERICAN™ tour details regarding schedule and stops, please check out www.SPAM.com, and join in the #SPAMCan conversation at www.facebook.com/SPAMbrand,youtube.com/SPAMbrand or twitter.com/#!/SPAMbrand.

      The Hormel Foods Corporation Charitable Trust Education Matching Gifts Program

      Download the new matching gifts form and conditions by clicking here. Read the back of the form carefully for the eligibility requirements for institutions and donations. Questions can be directed to Becci Smith in corporate communications at rjsmith@hormel.com or 507-437-5345.

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