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    • Are you driven by bacon?

      The Hormel® Black Label® bacon brand has raised the stakes for breakfast meats everywhere with a campaign to celebrate bacon passions, summoning bacon enthusiasts to share why they are driven by bacon.

      On social media, as well as through events, the Hormel® Black Label® brand has brought bacon lovers together across the country with a journey from Austin, Minn. to San Diego, Calif., on the first ever custom-made motorcycle that runs on a bio-diesel blend made with real bacon grease.


      “Riding this bike across the country for Hormel Foods was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Here we were, traveling across America with a common goal: to celebrate bacon. It's something that just couldn't be done alone. And if it could, it wouldn't NEARLY be as much fun,” said Eric Pierson, who rode the motorcycle on the journey.

      The journey included several new product samplings featuring new Hormel® Black Label® thick cut bacon varieties: brown sugar, cherrywood, jalapeño and maple black pepper.

      "These new products are the crème de la crème of the retail bacon category," said Nick Schweitzer, product manager, meat products. "Consumers have told us they want more varieties and are looking for more options to use outside of just breakfast. With these new options, there's no reason you shouldn't wrap everything in bacon from here on out. Everything is better with bacon!"

      There were also sales merchandising opportunities and the ride was filmed along the way in order to turn it into a full-length documentary that was shown at this year’s Bacon Film Festival.

      The International Bacon Film Festival took place on the U.S.S. Midway in the San Diego harbor on International Bacon Day (Aug. 28.) About 500 attendees sampled bacon recipes and viewed the premier of this year’s top submissions for the second annual Bacon Film Festival, as well as the documentary of the bike’s journey.


      “The film festival is about raising bacon to the level of art and encouraging people to share through film what bacon means to them and how it’s influential to our culture,” Schweitzer said.

      The next day, the San Diego Bacon Fest took place at Liberty Station where local San Diego restaurants and breweries had booths for attendees to try their recipes. More than 3,500 people attended the festival and the chefs from the Epic Meal Time show attended and hosted a bacon battle that will appear in an episode on their show.

      Visit www.drivenbybacon.com and www.sdbaconfest.com to view photos of the events and follow along with the campaign.


      The Hormel Foods Corporation Charitable Trust Education Matching Gifts Program

      Download the new matching gifts form and conditions by clicking here. Read the back of the form carefully for the eligibility requirements for institutions and donations. Questions can be directed to Becci Smith in corporate communications at rjsmith@hormel.com or 507-437-5345.

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